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The Ag Society has always been a part of my life. Growing up I competed at events and always looked forward to spending time amongst the other volunteers. It's in my blood and I am keen on passing the values of this community onto the next generation. 

Dustin Foulds

Vice President

My family has been a part of the Ag Society for many years and I'm also pleased to be serving on the board. We are among the many volunteers who tirelessly work to improve Exhibition Park and the community we live in.

Nicole Michaud

Vice President

I have been with  Cold Lake Agricultural Society for many years. I can't help but want to give more of my time and expertise with these fantastic people. I'm proud of what we have achieved for our community thus far and look forward to being a part of more fantastic events and initiatives. 

Mitch Lamontagne


There is almost nothing I won't do for the Ag Society but what I do especially well is monitor the money.

Eva Urlacher

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Marketing Events & Business Manager

I make the media and ask for the money to support all the great events the Ag Society hosts. Hope to see you soon! 

Lindsay Toth

Secretary & Facility Operations Manager

I ensure the coordination of maintenance of the Cold Lake Ag Society Facilities (Exhibition Park) and Grounds. I'm also who you see to book our hall, barn stalls and riding arena etc.

Krista Petsche

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Cold Lake Agricultural Society Board of Directors

Annie Fudge  


Carol Porteous     

Cindy-Lynn Stepanic

Cindy Saubak


Darren Kjenner


Dean Dube  


Dennis Dube

Ray Gillis

Janna McCarthy 

Holly Smith


Mitch Lamontagne

Wayne Horner

Tucker Wilson

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